About Me


But Why Monkeys?

Simple; they are one of my favorite animals. Plus, my husband's nickname for me is monkey. When brainstorming a company name, "The Social Monkey" just hung around.... get it? It was a joke about...never mind.


It all started when…

I graduated college right in the middle of  a recession with a degree in Media Studies. I was going to be a journalist, so I thought, until I realized in the state of things that dream was likely squashed. So, I went into the next best thing; copy writing.

Back in spring of 2010, before Instagram & Snapchat were a twinkle in anyone's eye, I fell into social media accidentally with a company I was interning with. The idea of brands and companies on social was new and a weird, wild west. But it was fun; there were no best practices, no rules, just experimentation and throwing things at the wall until they stuck.

Of course now, there's a better, more organized way to tackle social and in my years at various digital agencies in NYC I've learned the ins and outs for brands, businesses and entrepreneurs. 

But beyond social media, here's some other things I love:

  • Video games. I've been playing them since I was four years old and follow the industry closely.
  • My husband. He's pretty cool. That's why I married him.
  • Cats. I have one, but if I wasn't living in an apartment in New York, I'd probably be a full on crazy cat lady.
  • Disney. Look, If going to a theme park full of good rides, good food and daily fireworks is wrong, I don't want to be right.
  • Traveling. I make a point to try and travel internationally once every year or so, and take smaller weekend trips to various states and towns. 
  • Shrimp. I mean, it's shrimp. It's delicious. What's not to like?