When it Comes to Social, Don't Monkey Around.

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Too many people see social media as another thing to check off on the marketing list.  Get pages created, throw a company logo up there, and you're set, right? Stop monkeying around. Social media is meant to be just that; social. Create content that matters, interact with your audience, and create a community around your brand. If you aren't engaging, what's the point?


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Who Is the Social Monkey?

I'm Christine and I'm a social media consultant with 8 years of experience. Why monkeys? 


"Christine did a great job for me - in an area in which I have limited understanding - social media marketing. She listened to the brief carefully and tailored her advice with great understanding and patience. She was very proactive in making suggestions and great to talk to regarding the project. The plan she put together for me has been invaluable, as has the research she undertook on my behalf. .... I felt inspired by her input in all areas of the brief and by her professionalism." - Will Piper, Not Alcoholic, But

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I've worked with quite a number of clients over the years, and have developed some awesome relationships with them. Hear more of what they have to say!